Philosophy of Management
by Lionel B. Dyck


1.              Availability and Customer service come first.

2.              Problems will be resolved as quickly and accurately as possible.

3.              We will not place blame, we will solve problems together.

4.              My team must be successful for me to be successful.

5.              I will do what I can to make my team successful, including education and opportunities for promotion.

6.              I will respect my team as I expect respect in return.

7.              I will always be honest with my team and I expect honesty in return.

8.              I will set clear priorities.

9.              I will always be available to my team, and when Iím otherwise occupied I will make every effort to get back to my team as soon as is possible.

10.        I will reward my team when appropriate in public, and will correct when appropriate in private.

11.        I expect to be notified of any problems reaching severity 2 or severity 1 status as soon as possible and to be kept informed of the progress in problem identification and resolution.

12.        I expect to be notified of any severity 3 or 4 problems that have the potential to reach severity 2 or 1 level as soon as possible.

13.        I expect my team to make appropriate recommendations for additional resources to resolve problems. When in doubt Ė escalate.

14.        I will be open to suggestions and criticisms from my peers and my team, as the only way to improve is to know what needs improving. In return I will provide the same feedback to my team in a private and respectful manner.

15.        My team knows their job and I will not micro manage them. I expect my team to let me know when they need additional skill training and/or resources to do their job.

16.        My team should enjoy what they are doing and if they are not then I will work with them to change things where possible. This may include additional training or more challenging job assignments that might lead to a promotion or a position in another group.