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IBM has released two Redbook series entitled the "ABCs of Systems Programming". One is a five volume set for OS/390 Systems Programming and the other is a 13 volume set. The stated goal of the volumes are: "to introduce the structure of OS/390, z/OS, and S/390 operating environment. The set will help you install, tailor, and configure an OS/390 operating system, and is intended for system programmers who are new to an OS/390 or z/OS environment." 

These volumes, and more, can be found at http://www.redbooks.ibm.com or read the individual books at:

IBM z/OS Basic Skills Education (Free) 

This is a free online education from IBM that looks very worthwhile for both the new to z/OS systems programmer and the old timer looking to refresh their skills (or learn something new)

z/OS Introduction - an IBM Redbooks Video

This series of short educational videos teaches you about the IBM Z environment. The IBM Z mainframe is essential technology of large enterprises handling critical data and services every second of every day. While the IBM mainframe initially transformed business during past decades, IBM Z mainframe technology advancements provide limitless potential to enable future business transformation.

              ABCs of z/OS Systems Programming
Volume 1   Intro to z/OS and Storage concepts, TSO/E, ISPF, JCL +
Volume 2   z/OS Implementation and Maintenance
Volume 3   Intro to DFSMS and Storage Management
Volume 4   Communication Server, TCP/IP, and VTAM
Volume 5   Base and Parallel Sysplex, Logger, GRS, Operations, ARM
Volume 6   RACF, PKI, LDAP, Crypto, Kerberos and Firewall
Volume 7   InfoPrint Server, LE, and SMP/E
Volume 8   z/OS Problem Diagnosis
Volume 9   z/OS, UNIX System Services
Volume 10 Intro to Z, LPAR, and HCD
            For zNextGen and others who want an Introduction 

Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/OS Basics
Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/VM Basics

               ABCs of OS/390 Systems Programming (historical)

Something old that I ran across that is no longer available online:
IBM OS/390 Software Management Cookbook SG24-4775 - October 1996

IBM has made available the IBM Systems Journals electronically - check them out.

For the history buff check out this scanned copy of an OS/360 system chart.


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