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Below are articles that I've published:


 GIT for ISPFEnterprise Technical Journal article (05/2020)
 The ISPF Edit Clipboard: DemystifiedEnterprise Technical Journal article (01/2017)
PDSE V2 Member Generations and PDSEGENEnterprise Technical Journal article (11/2016)
Sharing Information using FTP NaSPA Article on using FTP from MVS to MVS or MVS to the world (12/97)
Submitting Jobs using FTPNaSPA Article on how to Submit Jobs via FTP (05/98)
Installing ISPF AppsNaSPA Article on how to Install ISPF Application the easy way (09/98)
Distributing Reports via E-MailNaSPA Article on how to send Reports using E-Mail (12/99)
Using System Name/Token Pairs

NaSPA Article on using System Name/Token Pairs via assembler (12/2000)

Sample code: JCL TokCreate TokGet

Introduction to OS/390 REXXNaSPA Article on an Introduction to OS/390 REXX (3/2001)
SDSF Add-on'sNaSPA Article on some SDSF Add-on's (5/2001)
Linux on S/390 and zSeries: Getting StartedNaSPA Article on Getting Started with Linux on S/390 and zSeries (9/2001)
RNEWS: ISPF News and Announcement ToolNaSPA Article on ISPF News and Announcement Dialog (1/2002)
Parsing Command Line Arguments in REXXNaSPA Article on REXX Parsing (6/2002)
Product Launch Point - Simple ISPF MenusNaSPA Article on PLP (8/2002)
Reading and Writing Data using REXX EXECIONaSPA Article on REXX EXECIO (4/2003)
z/OS and OS/390 Freeware CollectionNaSPA Article on my collection of tools (10/2003)
z/OS Report Distribution via Electronic Mail for the z/OS UserNaSPA Article on how to send e-mail from z/OS (01/2004)
Packaging z/OS Open Source Software for DistributionNaSPA Article on how to send e-mail from z/OS (02/2004)
Logging On To Multiple LPARs with the Same UseridNaSPA Article on how to configure your system to logon to multiple LPARs with the same userid at the same time (05/2004)
ISPF Edit Spelling CheckerNaSPA Article on ISPF Edit Spell Checker command (08/2004)
Enhancing Clist, REXX, and ISPF Panel DevelopmentNaSPA Article on the TRYIT ISPF Edit command to dynamically assist in the development of CLISTs, REXX, ISPF Panels, etc.  (09/2004)
HRO the new TLANaSPA Article on High Reliability Organization principles (09/2006)
High Reliability Organization (HRO) in Practice NaSPA Article on High Reliability Organization principles - part 2 (02/2007)


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