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Below are articles that I've published:


ISPF Edit Labels Article (09/2023)
DSFSADM - A Simple Admin Dialog IBM Blog (10/2023)
ISPF Edit Compare IBM Blog (09/2023)
ISPF List and Log - Improved Access IBM Blog (08/2022)
z/OS ZFS ISPF Tools IBM Blog (05/2023)
Access to the Active System Proclibs in z/OS under ISPF IBM Blog (04/2023)
GIT for ISPF Enterprise Technical Journal article (05/2020)
The ISPF Edit Clipboard: Demystified Enterprise Technical Journal article (01/2017)
PDSE V2 Member Generations and PDSEGEN Enterprise Technical Journal article (11/2016)
Sharing Information using FTP NaSPA Article on using FTP from MVS to MVS or MVS to the world (12/97)
Submitting Jobs using FTP NaSPA Article on how to Submit Jobs via FTP (05/98)
Installing ISPF Apps NaSPA Article on how to Install ISPF Application the easy way (09/98)
Distributing Reports via E-Mail NaSPA Article on how to send Reports using E-Mail (12/99)
Using System Name/Token Pairs

NaSPA Article on using System Name/Token Pairs via assembler (12/2000)

Sample code: JCL TokCreate TokGet

Introduction to OS/390 REXX NaSPA Article on an Introduction to OS/390 REXX (3/2001)
SDSF Add-on's NaSPA Article on some SDSF Add-on's (5/2001)
Linux on S/390 and zSeries: Getting Started NaSPA Article on Getting Started with Linux on S/390 and zSeries (9/2001)
RNEWS: ISPF News and Announcement Tool NaSPA Article on ISPF News and Announcement Dialog (1/2002)
Parsing Command Line Arguments in REXX NaSPA Article on REXX Parsing (6/2002)
Product Launch Point - Simple ISPF Menus NaSPA Article on PLP (8/2002)
Reading and Writing Data using REXX EXECIO NaSPA Article on REXX EXECIO (4/2003)
z/OS and OS/390 Freeware Collection NaSPA Article on my collection of tools (10/2003)
z/OS Report Distribution via Electronic Mail for the z/OS User NaSPA Article on how to send e-mail from z/OS (01/2004)
Packaging z/OS Open Source Software for Distribution NaSPA Article on how to send e-mail from z/OS (02/2004)
Logging On To Multiple LPARs with the Same Userid NaSPA Article on how to configure your system to logon to multiple LPARs with the same userid at the same time (05/2004)
ISPF Edit Spelling Checker NaSPA Article on ISPF Edit Spell Checker command (08/2004)
Enhancing Clist, REXX, and ISPF Panel Development NaSPA Article on the TRYIT ISPF Edit command to dynamically assist in the development of CLISTs, REXX, ISPF Panels, etc.  (09/2004)
HRO the new TLA NaSPA Article on High Reliability Organization principles (09/2006)
High Reliability Organization (HRO) in Practice NaSPA Article on High Reliability Organization principles - part 2 (02/2007)


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