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Welcome to Lionel's Beta Page. Here you can try out beta versions of new and updated packages that I'm working on.

You are welcome to download and try these provided that you agree to the following simple requirements:

  1. You accept that these packages are not released for production usage.
  2. You accept that you may not hold the author, or anyone other than yourself, liable for any problems that arise because of the use of these packages in your installation.
  3. You agree to provide feedback to me on the good, the bad, and the ugly as you experiment with these packages. If I don't get feedback I don't know anyone is using the package and don't know of any issues that are found that need to be fixed.

Packages will remain here until I determine that they are ready to be placed on one of the non-beta pages on this site at which time they will be removed from here.

If you are on my beta notification list you will automatically receive any e-mails that I generated to that list about updates that are placed here. You can also use the Monitor changes button to the left to use the automated web page change detection service to be notified.


Updated  01/19/2004

Handy tool to post process the export of the SHARE Scheduling Tool to create both iCalendar (ics) and vCalendar (vcs) files which can be imported into Lotus Notes, Outlook, and the Palm Desktop to add your SHARE Sessions to your calendar.

Updated  06/15/2004

Numerous changes to the report and to the icalendar file. It all now works fairly nicely.

A handy ISPF dialog for building a schedule of those in your group who are oncall. There are 3 outputs of the dialog
* a report
* an e-mail to each person with their personal schedule
* with the e-mail a iCalendar file to add their oncall schedule to their calendar



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