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ISPF Developer Tips and Tricks

This is a document, with usable examples, for ISPF Developers. The zip file contains a Sample PDS in XMIT format and document in EPub, Mobi (Kindle), and PDF formats. Version 1.9

Updated 06/06/2021

ALIGN ISPF Edit Command (Macro) to align text left, center, right, or reverse.

Added 12/31/2019

REXX Command to allocate a GDG or to return the fully qualifed dsname to the caller.

Updated 02/03/2003

CMDS ISPF Command Table management dialog - by Douglas Adams.

ISPF Edit Macro to insert approproate format comments into the data set being edited. (formerly REXXDOC). Thanks to Bill George for his extensive rewrite of REXXDOC.

Updated 07/03/2006 (version 3.2)


Very useful ISPF Interface to CA-View

Updated 01/23/2019  Version 1.27


REXX to compare IBM SAMPLIB member IKJTSO00 to active IKJTSOxx using TSO PARMLIB results

Updated 06/22/2017


REXX to check the LPA and LINKLIST datasets for extents and report on same.

Added 11/23/2016


An ISPF Edit Macro to convert the data being edited to CSV (comma separated value) format which can then be downloaded and imported into a spreadsheet or database See the Documents page for the users guide.

Updated 04/09/2008 Version 1.1


REXX Function (assembler) and REXX EXEC with Panels for quick browse or edit of a DD (commands DDBR and DDED).

Updated 09/29/2003


ISPF Command to invoke an ISPF Edit Macro on every member of a PDS.

Added 03/24/2000


Manage your system dumps with a nice ISPF Dialog. Includes info on setting up automation to capture the information and then migrate the dump dataset along with a started task to migrate dumps still online after an IPL.

Updated 09/26/2001

DSList Quick ISPF command interface to get to ISPF 3.4 like functions quickly from any screen.
EDITMAC ISPF Edit execute an inline edit macro.

Added 07/30/2020
EMAC ISPF Edit command to display a selectable table of ISPF Edit commands (Macros).

Updated 06/06/2017
EXTISPF A REXX Exec used as an ISPF Edit command (Macro) to extract the inline ISPF elements from an Exec that uses the LOADISPF process to dynamically load ISPF elements. Supplied in TSO XMIT format.

Added 05/18/2018
EZMENU A simple to use ISPF menu creation tool.

Added 08/27/2021
Fastpath ISPF dialog to display the active Fastpath commands.

Updated 08/29/2017

REXX function to validate that a member is found in the specified DDName and return the data set names where it was found.

Added 05/09/2019


REXX function to return the data set names allocated to a DDName.

Added 05/09/2019


ISPF Edit Macro for formatting BookManager Read/MVS PRINT files on Postscript printers.

Added 05/03/2000


A new ISPF dialog developed in collaboration with others that makes it easy to update the PF Key defaults across ALL ISPF Profiles in the users profile data set. Some restrictions apply.

Updated 12/30/2019

Get ISPF Edit Macro used to copy another dataset or pds member into the current ISPF Edit dataset. GET dsname.

Generalized ISPF Dialog for Batch JCL submission

Added 07/17/2001

IEBPDSE Simple ISPF dialog to invoke IBM's IEBPDSE to fix (sometimes) a PDSE.

Updated 11/25/2017

ISPFCMDS Generalized ISPF tool to dynamically update active ISPF Command Tables with user commands.

Added 05/22/2003


Generalized ISPF production invocation process for program products and local applications to avoid having to update the logon proc for DD allocations.

Updated 01/08/2002 - version 1.6


Generalized routine to be inserted into a REXX application to dynamically load inline clists, execs, msgs, panels, or skels and then libdef or altlib.

Updated  08/29/2017


Generalized routine to be inserted into any CLIST or REXX application to add an entry to a log data set.

Updated 04/12/2004 - version 0.5

LSTPROC3 List PROCLIB's used for Master JCL and JES3 (based on current MSTJCLxx and JES3 PROC - so if these have changed since the IPL all bets are off). Only supports cataloged datasets and supports most symbolics substitution. Now dynamically picks up SYSx.IPLPARM dsname. Now with support for INCLUDEs. Two options - default displays system PARMLIBs and system and JES3 PROCLIBs and a systems view for JES3 disk reader and initdeck datasets.

Updated 09/28/2018  - Version 3.4


List PROCLIB's used for Master JCL and JES2 (based on current MSTJCLxx and JES2 PROC - so if these have changed since the IPL all bets are off). Only supports cataloged datasets and supports most symbolics substitution. Now dynamically picks up SYSx.IPLPARM dsname. Now with support for INCLUDEs.

Updated 08/07/2010 to Version 2.8 


Simple REXX command, or function, to return the current system defined maximum PDSE V2 member generations allowed on the system (in XMIT format)

Added 07/29/16


ISPF News Dialog.

Updated 02/15/2017 - Several usability options and improved installation doc


ISPF Edit ONLY command improved with ability to find all records with string-1 and string-2. Also supports most ISPF Find options.

Updated 12/20/2019

OMVSCOPY An ISPF dialog that front-ends TSO OCOPY to make it easy to copy an z/OS data set to an OMVS file and vice versa. Also included are JCL examples of using OCOPY in batch. This package is in TSO Transmit format.

Updated 08/10/2017
OMVSSEL A REXX subroutine to run under ISPF to provide a simple tool to select an OMVS file from a ISPF 3.17 'like' interface and return the selected file to the caller. This package is in TSO Transmit format.

Updated 08/10/2017

UPDATED ISPF dialog to work with PDSE Version 2 Member Generations. You can Browse, Edit, View, e-Mail (if you have XMITIP), Promote a non-0 generation, Recover a non-0 generation, and you can Compare any generation to any other generation within the member set. It even has the ability to COPY a PDSE with generations to a new PDSE with the generations intact. As a bonus you can now Backup and Restore a PDSE with member generations with PDSEGEN. The user can alter the colors for the panels if the defaults don't agree with them.

User's Guide PDF, User's Guide ePub,  User's Guide Mobi (Kindle), User's Guide AZW3 (New Kindle) and a new Reference Card.

Updated 05/11/2023 to Version 6.2.4


Handy ISPF User Menu tool to create and manage an ISPF menu. User Documentation and Installation Guide are provided.

Updated 09/17/2019 Version 1.48


A handy ISPF Edit macro for verifying members of SYS1.PARMLIB.

Updated 05/14/2020


ISPF command to display all open ISPF tables with statistics. Enhanced to V1.0 with ability to look at all table rows.

Updated 11/12/2020  Version 1.5


A REXX exec for use in ISPF dialogs to generate a random character string that can be used for a DDName, ISPF Table name, member name, or whenever else you need an 1 to any number of characters random string. It has been tested to produce zero duplicates with 100,000 iterations. Provided in TSO Transmit (XMIT) format.

Added 02/23/2018


Simple REXX ISPF Edit Macro to enter/create a documentation box. See CMT for a more flexible version.

Updated 01/05/2001

REXXFORM Updated. An ISPF Edit macro ported from z/VM XEDIT. Will reflow your REXX code, check for mis-matched Do/Select/End statements, and provides the ability to set the left margin and the indent character limits.

Updated 04/27/2017

The IBM version of REXXTRY. This is an SAA implementation of REXXTRY provided by IBM "AS IS". It runs on OS/390 so enjoy.

Added 11/08/2000

REXXWAIT An example of writing a REXX Function to wait for a specified amount of time. Useful in ISPF Dialogs that need to wait for a period of time.
RUNC ISPF Edit command to execute ISPF Edit, OMVS, (E)JES, SDSF, TSO, TSO Console and ISPF commands that are documented in a edit/view file. ISPF Tutorial included with doc. Users Guides available in pdf, epub, and mobi formats. Now with support for inline edit macros.

Version 6.0 - Updated 07/30/2020

SARPREXT A Batch Process REXX exec for extracting reports from CA-View to a data set for post-processing.

 Added 07/07/2003

SAVELAB ISPF Edit Macro that can be used to Save and Restore all the active labels in a member being edited.

Version 2.01 Updated 02/08/2020


A generalized SDSF batch (or TSO) tool to extract a report into a dataset.

Updated 05/18/2018


An ISPF Edit Macro Dialog for use with SDSF that allows the user to selectively browse, print, copy to a data set, or e-mail (using XMITIP) specific pages. Now with a frontend of EDITPAGE. Read the User's Guide.

Updated 04/24/2003 Version 1.28


An ISPF command to create/manage user clipboards (up to 10) using the standard ISPF Edit Cut and Paste features.Read the short doc for more info. Now with doc in ePub format.

Updated 02/07/2019


New:  A new tool that makes it easy to share REXX variables, including stems, between REXX execs. It does this using an ISPF variable thus requiring it to be used under ISPF.

Added 06/06/2020

System Library Manager (SLM) An ISPF Dialog to manage members in concatenated libraries such as the System Parmlib or Proclibs. With Documentation.

Added 10/11/2006 Version 1.05


A slick front-end to IBM's BookManager Read/MVS that makes it usable. Categories and enhanced searching across shelves. Support is included for determining updated files when using the IBM Softcopy Librarian.

Updated 10/23/2001


Spelling checker under ISPF Edit.

Updated  01/26/2020 Version 2.23


Sample ISPF applications to TERSE or UNTERSE a dataset using IBM's TRSMAIN and TRSUNPCK. See IT Sites of Interest for a link to get the IBM tools. Major updates thanks to Barry Gilder.

Updated 04/22/2002

TryIt ISPF Edit Macro to test the Clist, Rexx, or ISPF Panel being edited.

Updated 07/13/2020 to Version 3.7

TSOProf ISPF dialog to review and update key TSO PROFILE settings.

Added 02/09/2018
TSOTrap ISPF to issue a TSO command and let you browse the results.

Updated 05/28/2016 with new command options (-E to edit or default -B browse)
TUTORPRT A command to print all ISPF tutorial panels from a provided starting panel. Can format as text, HTML, PDF, or RTF (requires the TXT2xxxx packages which can be found on this site).

Added 03/13/2020

ISPF dialog to copy from VB to FB and FB to VB easily.  Includes truncation warnings and sequence number corrections.

Updated 12/03/2016


Updated version of Doug Nadel's VCURSOR.

Added 05/28/2016 (link corrected 2/6/18)


ISPF REXX exec to send a message to a VM user via NJE

Added 03/27/2000


Fun REXX exec to display the numeric value of a word (e.g. attitude is 100)

Added 03/12/2004


Easily create or update the ISPF variable ZSTART - the ISPF version of autoexec.bat

Added 12/12/20017 - Version 2.3


Compare two PDS libraries (not load libraries) and Copy the differences easily

Updated 07/16/2021  - Version 3.3


Display a selection list of known TSO Help members and provide a formatted view. Now with run time parameters including the ability to bypass the ISPF dialog prompts.

Updated 05/23/2020 Version 3.10