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New (XMIT format) Utility written in REXX for use under OMVS to backup an entire directory based on information in a parameter file. Intended for use with cron.


UPDATED (XMIT format) is a generalized omvs log file archival tool to archive the log file to a z/OS dataset. Works in conjunction with cron for the timing. (Updated 10/07/16)

OMVSCOPY UPDATED  An ISPF dialog that front-ends TSO OCOPY to make it easy to copy an z/OS data set to an OMVS file and vice versa. Options include foreground and batch JCL execution. OMVS file selection, z/OS data set selection, and PDS member selection. Supports SuperUser if the user is enabled. Also included are JCL examples of using OCOPY in batch. This package is in TSO Transmit format. (Updated 08/10/2018).

NEW (XMIT format) is an ISPF dialog that will issue any omvs command(s) and then browse the results. (Updated 7/29/16)


NEW (XMIT format) is a generalized omvs log file ispf dialog viewer. Requires customization to point to the log file location and z/OS archive log file hlq.


UPDATED  ISPF dialog to display a searchable table of all omvs man pages and allow the user to select an individual man page to browse or view. If entered with a man page name then just browse the man page using ISPF Browse.


UPDATED ISPF dialog to simplify backing up and restoring a omvs direcotry using pax.


UPDATED A REXX subroutine to run under ISPF to provide a simple tool to select an OMVS file from a ISPF 3.17 'like' interface and return the selected file to the caller. (Updated 08/10/2018)


NEW (XMIT format) is an ISPF dialog that simplifies using the trmdstat omvs command.


NEW (XMIT format) is a REXX utility for use in batch to execute OMVS commands. Very simple and easy. Put the commands inline after the //STDIN DD *


UPDATED ISPF Dialog to simplify managing zFS filesystems.


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