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UPDATED (XMIT format) is a generalized omvs log file archival tool to archive the log file to a z/OS dataset. Works in conjunction with cron for the timing. (Updated 10/07/16)


NEW (XMIT format) is an ISPF dialog that will issue any omvs command(s) and then browse the results. (Updated 7/29/16)


NEW (XMIT format) is a generalized omvs log file ispf dialog viewer. Requires customization to point to the log file location and z/OS archive log file hlq.


UPDATED  ISPF dialog to display a searchable table of all omvs man pages and allow the user to select an individual man page to browse or view. If entered with a man page name then just browse the man page using ISPF Browse.


NEW ISPF dialog to simplify backing up and restoring a omvs direcotry using pax.


NEW (XMIT format) is an ISPF dialog that simplifies using the trmdstat omvs command.


UPDATED ISPF Dialog to simplify managing zFS filesystems.


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