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America Supports YouA website where you can support our troops.
Veterans History ProjectA project to collect the stories of Veterans while they are still with us.
The Virtual WallVietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.
National D-Day MuseumThe National D-Day Museum web site. Dedicated to all the D-Day's during World War II
National World War II MemorialThe National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.
Memorial Day The Memorial Day web site.
National Moment of RemembranceNational Moment of Remembrance site.
Iwo Jima PageA page dedicated to those who fought on Iwo Jima in WWII
Medal of HonorSite listing the full text of every Medal of Honor citation
Korean War ProjectKorean War Project site. Lots of good information.
Korean War 50th Anniversary50th Anniversary Site for the Korean War.
Korean War VeteransKorean War National Museum and Library.
The Korean WarThe Korean War - more useful information.
WW I & WW II PostersA Summons to Comradeship - Posters from World War I and World War II.
SubmarinersDedicated to those who served under the sea.
Underwater Travel of SubmarinesMore information on Submarine's (thanks to the 5th grade students of Ms. Susan Bartlett)
History and Parts of the SubmarineMore information on Submarine's (thanks to 5th Grade Student Matty)
First World WarSite dedicated to the First World War.
American Veterans Disabled for Life MemorialSite for the memorial dedicated to those who served who are disabled for life because of their service.
SOCOMUnited States Special Operations Command
History Review: The Submarine and SubmeriblesSubmarines have played an essential role in modern history. They have inspired a mix of wonder, fear, hope, and anxiety.
H. L. Hunley: Confederate SubmarineAn excellent article about one of the very first submarines.
The History of Submarines and U-BoatsAn excellent site for information on submarines and u-boats (suggested by Meg from Wyoming)


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